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What to do if your sender domain is rejected?

Don’t panic! A rejected sender domain means that there are a few matters we need to clear up before approving your sender domain.

We send a message to your registered email address containing information that explains why your sender domain was not approved. Here are a few common reasons for rejection:

  • Domain doesn’t have a website representing its core business area.
  • Insufficient/Dummy content – If there isn’t a live website or a splash page, or there is very minimal content on your website, then it makes it difficult for us to ascertain what kinds of email you’ll be sending and to whom.
  • Domain is getting redirected to some other website which is not associated with the same owner.
  • The content of the website seems to be phishing.
  • The content belongs to a business which is under our blacklisted list.
  • There is no subscription/signup form on your website, or if it’s there, then it’s not functioning.

Updated about a year ago

What to do if your sender domain is rejected?

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