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Why shouldn't I use PHP's mail() function?

Why shouldn't I use PHP's mail() function?

Sending Emails from PHP has its advantages and disadvantages.Before concluding anything, let's first understand the key disadvantages of using the default PHP mail() function to send emails. There are cases when the email sent via PHP mail() didn't receive by the recipient and you will not get any visual error too. The most common reason for this is as below:

Is SMTP password different from the account login password?

Yes, When you set your login password for the first time using "Set password" link the SMTP password also changes to the same value as your Login password. However, you have an option to set these differently.

Can i use multiple sending domains to send emails using Pepipost?

Yes, you can use multiple sending domains to send emails using SMTP via Pepipost. Before using a particular sending domain to send emails, you need to make sure that the required sending domain is added in the Pepipost panel and approved for use by our compliance team.

I am getting the error - "authentication failed" or "sender address rejected" or "Client host rejected" while sending emails over SMTP?

Integrating with Pepipost over SMTP protocol is the simplest way of application integration to start sending emails instantly. However, You may come across some common issues/errors while you are at an initial stage of integration. Below given are some of the common errors which may be observed within your application logs along with steps to resolve them,

How to retrieve or change my SMTP password from Pepipost panel

In order to retrieve your SMTP password, you can follow below given steps,

Do we have an offline link where a user can pay for 1 year directly?

Yes, You can reach us on support@pepipost.com to help you with an offline link for the same payment

Will i be charged for bounced emails?

Yes, we charge you for all emails requests received on Pepipost for further delivery. We recommend sending emails to all valid email ids and regularly clean up your master list from bad/non-deliverable email id's in order to reduce your billing charges,

Can I go to free plan after subscribing a paid plan?

Yes, you can choose to downgrade to a free plan from your current paid plain. For more information refer the below link:https://docs.pepipost.com/docs/how-to-change-my-plan

Does your email credits have any expiry or validity period?

Yes, all credits which are mapped to your account will expire at the end of the billing cycle for that month.

Can I refer more than one person?

Absolutely, you can refer as many people as you wish. You get paid for every Paid signup we get. So do not stop, keep referring as many relevant people as you can.

How will I get paid for referring?

We pay for referring through Paypal. Just update your PayPal ID in the Referral Management interface on Pepipost and you will get paid at the end of a month, for which there is a payment accrued towards you.

When will I get paid for referring?

You get paid on the 1st of a month for paid signups received by Pepipost once they have been a paid user for a minimum of 75 days and are still active on the platform.

I have been referred to Pepipost by someone, what do I need to do?

Welcome to Pepipost! It's a great recommendation and we are grateful for your acquaintance for referring you here.

What do I get for referring? ​

We feel grateful when our users like you refer us.

How do I refer someone to use pepipost? ​

Simply click on the "Refer a Friend" link on top of the Pepipost dashboard to signup for our Referral Program. Once you signup, you get a link. Just share this link with your friends and acquaintances to refer them to be a part community of good email senders.

Referral Management

How do I refer someone to use pepipost? What do I get for referring? I have been referred to Pepipost by someone, what do I need to do? When will I get paid for referring? How will I get paid for referring? Can I refer more then one person?