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What do you mean by subaccount? What are the benefits?

Sub-account is a feature which helps you in segregating your email traffic under various account. Mostly because;

How does the recurring credit allocation work in subaccount?

Did you know you can set up automatic credit allocation to your Subaccount on daily, weekly or monthly basis using our Recurring Credits option?

What do you mean by subaccount? What are the benefits?

Using Subaccount feature, you can segment your emails by creating subaccounts under your master account. Subaccount allows you to support business unit, mail streams, or customers within Pepipost account. Subaccount enables access of email sending APIs to subaccounts.Following are the benefits of Subaccount;

How to apply for a dedicated IP?

At Pepipost you can opt for dedicated IP address for your email delivery at an additional monthly cost of $20 per month.

Do I have to pay anything in Forever Free Plan?

No, you don’t have to pay at all when you sign up for our Forever Free Plan. Every month we’ll add 30,000 email credits to your account that you can use throughout the month. What’s more, you don’t need to add credit card when you sign up.

How does domain control work for subaccount?

Master can share his own white labeled domain with Subaccount so that Subaccount doesn't have to do any DNS record update and can start using the domain to send emails. Also, the master account has the control to allow or restrict Subaccounts from adding the domain of their choice.

How does billing work for Subaccounts?

Subaccount billing is handled at Master account level. Master will be billed as per the selected plan for his account and invoice would be raised for the number of emails sent by Master and his Subaccounts.

Will credit balance of Subaccount be carry forwarded to next month?

Yes, remaining credit balance of Subaccount will be carry forward in next month.

How do I allocate email credits to Subaccount?

The ‘Manage Credits section’ will allow Master account to allocate credits to the Subaccounts. Subaccounts can send emails only when they have email credit balance.There are two types of credits;1. Unlimited: There is no limit will be set to subaccount to send emails2. One-time credit:

Can I add multiple users by using same email address?

No, you cannot use same/already used email address to create Subaccount. Each subaccount must have unique email address

How many Subaccounts can I add to my account?

Master account can create up to 15 subaccounts using unique email address. If you need more subaccounts then you can contact Pepipost customer support team.

How does subscription work at Pepipost?

Pepipost counts each email sending request for a recipient as one email for credits and billing. For example, if you send one SMTP message to five recipients or include five recipients in your API request, we'll count that as five email credits toward your monthly limit.

What will happen if I delete a domain?

Once the domain is deleted, the system will not accept any email sending request from SMTP/API using the deleted sender domain.While the reports of last 90 days will be still there, but no future reports will be generated on the deleted domain.

What is the difference between “From” and “Sender”?

The "From" in the email represents your identity like your company name or a company title whereas the "Sender" in the email represents your identity email address.

Requirements For Sending Domains

At Pepipost we strive to ensure that all of our customers are Good Senders. We do this by providing guidance on deliverability best practices for inbox placement, providing real-time feedback on your sends and by enforcing policies that protect our sending reputation and the reputation of our customers.

How do I start sending email?

Once you have configured the sender domain and our compliance team has approved the same, you are actually ready to shoot out emails from Pepipost using the approved domain.

Know about different Domain Statuses

Not Verified

How to Cancel my paid account?

We are truly sorry to see you go. Please don’t forget that we’re 24/7 available and would love the opportunity to help and chat about why you’re leaving if we can.

Why am I getting Billing failed notifications?

Notification: “You have unpaid invoices. Please update your payment details to initiate a retry.”

What is Overage and how it is calculated?

Overage is the cost which you will be charged per-email for each email that you send beyond the credit limit of your current package. Depending on your subscription plan the overage cost per email varies.